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Our Founder, Nicole Valentine, Esq., is a global dealmaker who completed Mergers & Acquisitons deals as a Wall Street lawyer in excess of $500 Billion Dollars.  On her career journey, she always gave back to the small business community by providing pro bono legal and business advice. That's not a surprise because Nicole comes from generations of small business owners who by sheer grit and determination created businesses that impacted the community and created jobs. Nicole's vision for the Winly suite of business products and services started with the question; Can Small Businesses change their odds of failure by using the playbooks of the Billionaire Class? Since 2014, Nicole has researched and gathered data on the playbooks that small businesses have the capacity to execute on. Real talk, small businesses have smaller teams and less capital to work with. But we all know that starting with less doesn't mean you can't win. Winly is a business strategy and planning productivity tool that has added value to over 50,000 businesses around the world. We hope you become one of our Winning serial entrepreneurs!

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Join over 50,000 business owners in over 22 countries to unlock your next winning playbook.  Winly is obsessed with cracking the small business growth code. Through our live events, media and workshops, we provide insights and inspiration. Through our mentoring and coaching programs, we design breakthrough experiences. Through our tools and workbooks, we provide the space you need to map out a business blueprint. When you encounter Winly, you become part of the community of the possible. With Winly, it's possible to build a global business. With Winly, it's possible to achieve the level of success that you envision. With Winly, it's possible to win. 

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Winly is for serious drivers only. This business navigation system works best when you invest in building playbooks and make strategic plays.

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